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07-12-2019 - TestNav Summer Upgrade

We want to make you aware of several planned upgrades which will affect customers using the online testing system, TestNav. Please know as these upgrades to TestNav are made available, the impact to testing will likely not be noticeable. However, in one case, we will require users to uninstall the existing TestNav client on their device(s) and reinstall the newer version, which may require your school's IT support. Please see the release plan below for specifics.

TestNav v1.8 Client update available on June 15

  • The TestNav Client is the application that is installed on each testing device. The update to the client is required for all aimswebPlus TestNav users.
  • Please install the new version on all testing devices. On June 15, information on downloading the new Windows and Mac clients will be available at http://download.testnav.com/.
  • This update also affects the iOS, Android, and Chrome OS version of the TestNav clients. Updated versions will be available on June 15 in their respective app stores.

TestNav upgrade to v8.13 on July 18

  • No customer action is required. This is a server-based update.
  • It's important to note that the previous version of the TestNav Client, version 1.7, will stop working after this date. Please visit http://download.testnav.com/ for information on downloading TestNavv 1.8 Client.
  • For those customers using Proctor Caching, the current version will continue to support TestNavwithout any required updates.

Further information about TestNav can be found at https://support.assessment.pearson.com/display/TN/TestNav+8+Online+Support.

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